While each project is unique, the storybuilding© process we follow is not. We start with the simple science of how people receive information. This model works because the core of every experience -- a good story -- is universal.

A good story brought to life in a physical space moves people to think, feel, or do something (ideally what you're hoping they'll do). Whether it’s to buy a widget, spark an idea, or inspire a community, we think experiences in physical space are a powerful medium that inspire people to act.

Take a look at our process in action.

How it works


With Why

Many organizations can tell us what they do and how they do it, but we’re more concerned with understanding why they do it. By starting with why, we get to the purpose, cause or belief that drives organizations. And the why always makes for a more compelling story and experience.



Since all business boils down to people, we beg you to consider the humans who will be visiting your space. We ask questions that move beyond the demographics and psychographics to understand the motivations of the people walking into your space, and how they perceive you and the brand you represent. And no person we know uses the word “ideation” at the bar, so we’ll do our best to avoid marketing speak.


Think, Feel
or Do

We consider what you hope those humans will think, feel or do when they walk out of your space. What do they text their significant other from their Uber? Will they remember all the touchscreens in your space, or the way they felt euphoric riding down the elevator? Without a clear takeaway, how do we know we’ve built a successful story?


Write Your

We take our discovery and research, and write a story(line). It's the narrative heart that guides the journey your customer will take, and it's really important. That storyline gets broken into chapters that guide your customer's journey, and those chapters inform the way we design your space.


Get S

Now’s it’s time to get stuff done - wait, what did you think the “S” meant? With a set space design, we work alongside the best partners in the world to bring your story to life. We build a mold that fits your project. In return, you get an experience that is cost effective and tailored to your business, not ours.

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