Our team is lean, and that is to your advantage. While others have huge warehouses with fabricators, software developers, technology integrators and architects on staff, we don’t. If your project requires a landscaper, a tuba player, and master carpenter, that’s who we hire (we don’t want to brag, but we call the best professionals in the world our friends).


Fun-loving CEO

Dreams big and asks “Why not?”


Creative Director

World-class storybuilder and dad


Content Strategist

Relentless pursuer of details


Art Director

Keen awareness of space and experience


Executive Producer

Makes the impossible possible


Project Manager

Sees multiple points of view


Project Manager

Engages both sides of her brain


Project Manager

Brings creative vision to life technically


Manager, Honeywell Technology Experience Center

Translates complex policy and technical jargon


Director, Honeywell Technology Experience Center

Flexible and comfortable under pressure


Finance Manager

Ensures our people and partners get paid



Wears many hats and makes the office feel like a home

Dale Tesmond is the most passionate, energetic, fun-loving CEO you will ever encounter. Known for his mind being in 57 places at once, the team at BE often yells “squirrel” when Dale shifts gears, and then shifts again. Dale has been building global stories for more than three decades. His career began with building brands at P&G for 10 years and then it took a wild ride at Jack Rouse Associates for 16 years as he worked with a team creating theme parks, museums and corporate events. It was there that Dale learned that a story is at the heart of all great experiences. He then founded The Brand Experience in 2004 to focus solely on his first business love, temporary and permanent branded experiences.

When he’s not in The Brand Experience office, you can find him working from global Delta Sky Clubs (and eating all the nutritious free snacks). Dale encourages his team to ask “why not” when dreaming up experiences, and commonly reminds them to “be passionate” about caring for clients.

Core expertise on the team:
Brand strategist

What he brings to BE that no one else does:
Foundational brand knowledge and wisdom from many years of experience.

Client projects Dale helped create:
All of them (see “be passionate”).

Most expensive piece of paper he owns:
An MBA earned in 1984, so it’s older than Dave.

Andrew Peters is a world-class storybuilder. Ask him about adventures growing up on a farm in the Midwest, helping village chiefs regain their sight in The Gambia, taking a toddler to Cambodia, or going undercover to give girls trapped in slavery in India some hope. At the heart of it all, Andrew believes in living a great story every day as he raises a growing family in the woods in Cincinnati.

Andrew has told stories on behalf of marginalized individuals, NGOs, and Fortune 500 companies. His extensive global expertise translates into inspiring experiences for our clients around the world. He has a tremendous work ethic (see above, growing up on a farm) and the ability to simplify the most complex problems with creative solutions.

Most expensive piece of paper he owns:
BA in Communication and Copywriting from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio (it was a university before Florida was a state).

Proudest accomplishment:
World's Best Dad Certification from his four kids.

Andrew’s favorite place to work outside the office:
On a Mastercraft wakeboarding boat.

Amanda Dunn brings over a decade of experience working with the top brands in the world to The Brand Experience team. She dots every i and crosses every t, as she gathers and organizes all of the elements of our clients' stories. Amanda is relentless when it comes to tracking down just the right information to complete a project on time, and with the right message. She is the bridge between clients and our creative team, and her calm confidence makes even the most complicated project seem simple. In an industry where disorganized content can delay an entire project, Amanda (or “Demanda” as we like to call her) is an important part of BE's competitive advantage. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband (Eric), two adorable tiny humans (Eli & Aaron) and a carnival goldfish (Max) who just may outlive us all.

Work philosophy:
It’s not always about how good you are, but how good you are to work with.

Proudest accomplishment:
Amanda won 1st place in the 4th grade spelling bee by correctly spelling crocodile.

Core expertise on the team:
Content Management and Attention to Detail

Emily Kester is a force of design. She’s worked with a myriad of household-name companies to bring their products and stories into three dimensions. Emily’s keen awareness of space and experience translates into fantastic moments for visitors and clients. She finds inspiration while traveling, eating and throwing parties (ask her about the stunning weddings she’s pulled off for brides). In fact, Emily believes the best parties are ones where people stay longer than they expected and have surprisingly great conversations with people they didn’t plan on meeting.

Proudest professional moment:
Emily once threw a killer party for 100 top executives with only four days notice.

Favorite place to work outside the office:
The same coffee shop where she spent hours on end as a college student.

Who lives in her household:
Her husband (Danny) and two cats (Nati and Nash, named after the Kester’s favorite cities).

Melissa Kelly, BE’s Executive Producer, started her 25 year career in theater as a stage manager bringing scripts to life in professional stage productions. As a producer at JRA for 12 years, she brought EBC’s to life for Lucent, Dell, and a myriad of other clients. Dale asked her to join BE at the start, and she’s never looked back. She brought a 90ft dome to life on a man-made beach in Dubai for Nakheel, opened centers in D.C., Shanghai and Dubai for Honeywell, and touched every one of the 50+ projects BE has created.

When the rest of the BE team dreams up the impossible, Melissa steps in to move the impossible to reality. But perhaps her proudest achievement just happened on January 31, 2016, when due to BE’s global work she reached Platinum status with Delta in less than a month.

Work philosophy:
Stay focused on getting the work done, wherever she is, so that she can go home and hang out with her family.

Her favorite place to work outside of the office:
Work takes Melissa to so many different places: hotels, airports, events and construction sites. However, her favorite mobile office space is her back patio.

What Melissa is known for:
Getting it done–implementing creative ideas.

Most expensive piece of paper she owns:
BFA in Technical Theatre Design and Production from College-Conservatory of Music.

Jen Noll has been with The Brand Experience for 12 years, and has worn many hats. She has helped bring each of BE’s projects to fruition in some way. Referred by a friend of a friend of a friend, Jen met Dale one fateful day at Bob Evans to discuss possible employment. He boggled her brain with talk of buying "The Ball" for an experiential campaign he was working on.

"THE Ball? The one that drops on New Years?" Jen asked.

“Yeah," said Dale wolfing down his Big Breakfast while she nibbled on an English muffin.

"I don't think that's for sale."

She was wrong.

Jen once bowled 8 strikes in a row–with a score of 242, she is the PTO President at her children's school of 900 students. And she is taking piano lessons (her first instrument ever) at the age of 40.

Known for:
Sees projects from multiple points of view because of her breadth of BE experience and resulting knowledge.

Most memorable work moment:
It’s a toss up between helping Ryan Seacrest's personal stylist pick out his Christmas present and watching the first project that she was the lead producer on come to life in Manhattan: the CA Executive Briefing Center.

Work philosophy:
Do everything to the best of your ability.

Favorite place to work outside the office:
Her back deck.

Whether it’s on top of a mountain with a foot of fresh powder, or a glass of dry French Rose, Elli Thomas is game for just about anything. She works closely across all disciplines on the BE team, ensuring that projects happen on time, with excellence, and in close coordination with our clients. Her unique background in interior design, architecture and organizational management are a perfect fit for building stories at BE.

Core expertise on the team:
Project Management, and the ability to engage both sides of her brain (creative and analytical).

Her favorite place to work outside the office:
Anywhere outdoors.

Work Philosophy:
Do something you love.

As a Technical Project Manager for BE, Dave Berninger makes sure the creative vision clients are expecting comes to life. He has been professionally creating experiences since 2011 when he started his career in the corporate video world and quickly transitioned into corporate event production. Dave draws inspiration from math and music, and enjoys gaining perspective by studying other cultures.

What he brings to the BE team that no one else does:
The most droll sense of humor in the company.

Core expertise on the team:
Organization, Googlefu, and knowledge of memes.

Dave’s favorite place to work out of the office:
On a covered porch during a very intense storm.

With a background in public relations and expertise in technology communications, digital storytelling and relationship building, Brittany Singer is often the first face clients encounter in Washington, DC. From tours of the US Capitol to visiting local hot spots, there isn’t a corner of DC she hasn’t explored. Brittany is social media savvy and prides herself on her ability to translate complex policy and technical jargon (so normal humans can understand).

Work philosophy:
Do something you love, work on things that interest and challenge you, and surround yourself with people that do the same.

Most expensive piece of paper she owns:
A Masters in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Georgetown University

Her favorite place to work outside of the office:
Brittany loves to work outside, on a sunny day, under an umbrella (preferably by a large body of water).

With more than a decade of experience as a media and public affairs communicator in Washington, Damon Manetta knows creating change starts with an engaging story. His expertise centers around keeping a client’s story in concert with their brand, from content development and deployment, to center operations and budgeting. From his third day on the job, when he fielded a surprise visit by a client CEO, Damon has demonstrated that he is flexible and confident under pressure, which is a tremendous asset to the BE team. Damon lives in the Capitol Hill neighborhood outside of Washington, DC with his wife, Jessica and daughter, Isabella.

His favorite place to work outside of the office:
On a quiet weekday you can find Damon at The Hirshhorn Museum or National Gallery of Art East Wing atrium.

Work philosophy:
Learning something new daily and having fun are important when working hard. Stay organized, follow proven processes and listen to your clients’ needs.

For over 30 years, Vicki Olson has worked in financial roles for various businesses. At The Brand Experience, she insures that our bills, invoices, and employees all get paid on time. Vicki’s vibrant personality and organized work ethic make her contribution to the BE team invaluable. At home, Vicki’s two sons make life rich.

Work philosophy:
Start fresh every day.

Her favorite place to work outside of the office:
Vicki loves the sun, the sand and the waves on a good beach.

Client projects Vicki is known for:
Vicki works on all of the projects that require invoices or bills to be paid. (Okay, that’s all projects.)

Fran Tesmond holds down the BE fort. Most days, you can find her in the Cincinnati office managing HR, finance, the majority of proposal writing and anything else that needs doing. Her 20 years experience at P&G in Brand Management/Advertising and Advertising HR comes in handy at BE.

For a decade Fran stayed at home with her two boys, Matt and Rick, managing countless experiences for cub scouts and the boys’ tennis teams. Fran then restarted her career at her boys’ private school where she launched a successful new marketing campaign and helped created new welcoming experiences as admission director for the Middle and Upper Schools. In a stroke of genius, Dale convinced Fran that he could use someone with her skills in the BE office and she happily joined the team in 2012.

Numerous Swimming Awards at Bowdoin College where she helped start the team and thereby set numerous records, which were quickly broken by the “real swimmers” who followed, and as a Masters swimmer during her mid 30’s.
Numerous Riding Awards including CA Horsemastership Champion, 1973. Still proud owner of Gabby - a 25 year old retired hunter who’s pasture-mate is 46. If Gabby lives that long she may well outlive Fran!

Work philosophy
Get it done and do it well! Customer service and teamwork are priority number 1 for Fran.

Favorite place to work outside the office:
Anywhere outdoors, especially in the mountains.