Current Watersports, Mastercraft Retailer

Walton, KY

Declaring it’s not just a boat, but a lifestyle.

Current Watersports, Mastercraft Dealership
Case Study

With Why

Create a space that celebrates all the whys of boat-buying, including the strong family connection that boaters tend to have.

The Humans

Smart and affluent individuals who are connected to their families. While men tend to be the decision-makers, boat buying is very much a family decision.

Think, Feel
or Do

It’s not just about the boat, but the memories that will be made on the water with loved ones.

Write The

The overarching storyline for this project was, “Welcome to the Family,” as boat buyers are becoming a part of not just the Mastercraft family, but the greater boating community. The storyline is reflected across three chapters in the space: Mastercraft isn’t just a boat (It’s a lifestyle), But it’s still a badass boat (See for yourself) and Your life style (Welcome to the family).

Get S
  • Timing: 9 months from concept to opening.
  • BE Team: 1 Executive Producer, 1 Creative Director, 1 project manager, 1 environmental graphic designer
  • Partners: BrianBKelly LLC, Kortnee Kate Photography